Heal In The Outdoors

Solitude is a great way to get inner peace, recenter and relieve stress. In this current era of fast pace society, making time for solitude is ideal to stay sane. In the video below, Soane goes over how to clear your thoughts by going for a walk in a solitude area. (Video below)

Clear Your Thoughts With A Walk!

Walking in a solitude area is also a great way to get exercise while your at it too. In the video below, Soane explains how walking in nature has many benefits for the body, mind and soul. (Video below)

Walking Benefits For Osteoporosis, Fat Loss, Cardiovascular Disease, Etc.. Relieve Stress w/Walking

Dude, I’m Not An Outdoorsy Person!

Everyone is an Outdoorsy person, just trained out of it. When Soane was younger, he use to get allergies and didn’t go out into nature as much. But as he began to go into a solitude nature area more, his allergies desapated over time. So get some solitude today!