Teresa Moore

My Personal Fitness Trainer Soane Etu

  • Provides innovative techniques resulting in maximum results
  • Challenges me to new levels of strength endurance
  • Provides nutritional guidelines that have helped me achieve weight loss
  • Offers a huge variety of exercises to strengthen, tone and slim the body down
  • Training sessions are never boring. I look forward to EVERY session!

I am stronger, leaner and my body shape has improved, as well as my muscle tone and flexibility. I am very fortunate to have such a dedicated, experienced fitness trainer as Soane Etu.

I highly recommend Soane to anyone that would like to get in shape, lose weight, have greater flexibility, and feel great!

Teresa Moore

Teresa doing core training.

The Dimaano Family

The Dimaano Family couldn’t be happier with your fitness guidance. We feel healthier every day – feel good about what we’re doing and where we’re going. It helps that you always keep things new and exciting. We never know what you have in store for us, it’s like anticipating what we’re gonna get for Christmas! Eric looks amazingly hot, Andrew is getting stronger and faster, and I feel I’m in the best shape I’ve ever been. I don’t have the pains I used to and I can now stand on one leg without falling over. I always dreamed about having an active, healthier family and now it’s actually happening for us. I can’t sing your praises enough. Thank you, Planet Soane. You rock! 🙂


Andrew doing over head explosive weighted jumps!

Andrew doing resistance training.

Nick Jordan

Nick Jordan started training in the spring of 2012, in preparation for his upcoming fall senior season. Soane met Nick through his dad; as Nick, his dad and sister had a complimentary introduction session in the gym. Nicks dad was interested in creating a daily routine that him and his family can do to keep in condition and healthy. Nick’s dad and sister continued to do the routine on their own, but Nicks dad requested if Nick can continue to train for his upcoming senior year. So we put together a plan. One of Nick’s goals were to achieve 10 sacks in a season. He got 12.5 sacks playing defensive end.

Nick running 40 yard dashes, in prep for senior season

Nick also got 41 tackles, had 4 forced fumbles and rushed for 304 yards while playing full back on offense too.

Nick Jordan high school football highlights.

I have yet to train a person that excelled as fast as Nick did in a short amount of time. ~ Soane Etu

Joel Martinez

Joel trained in the summer of 2014 from about June through the beginning of September. He was in summer break from college and was interested in training. Joel wanted to develop his upper body strength as well as his core strength too. Training consist of calisthenics, bands, resistance training with weights, some cardio and flexibility training. We primarily focused on upper body and core as this what Joel requested, but we did add in some lower body strength and endurance training to keep his body proportion balanced..

Joel was exhausted on the first training session and we didn’t make it through the whole session. Joel incrementally gained the strength and endurance to proceed with the training. Joel was always on time, never late and didn’t miss a training day. Joel is intense and sometimes he would yell and get angry during exercises, making for intense and fun training sessions. Joel excelled through July up until September before leaving back to college; gaining enhanced levels of strength and enduranc

I became a better trainer while working with Joel ~ Soane Etu

Mike Landry

Mike Landry trained from 2010 to 2012 while Soane was training in the gym. Mike was one of Soane’s first of a few clients that trained consistently. Mike also helped with some videos when PlanetSoane was first created. Mike smoked cigarettes almost everyday and sometimes even before training sessions, but he still improved in training. He wanted to put on muscle and do strength training. We did strength training, endurance, core and flexibility. Michael was incredibly flexible, strong and gained more strength while training. Michael was open to new ideas and we were always experimenting with new ideas.

Mike doing army planks.
Mike doing roller coaster abs.

Training sessions were always fun with Mike! ~ Soane Etu

Lani E.

Lani is Soane’s younger cousin and trained in the late summer to early autumn of September of 2014. Lani was preparing to enter the military, in particularly the Navy. She aimed to get in condition and drop extra body fat and weight. Lani trained 2 time per day for a duration of 2-3 hours each session; once in the morning and later in the afternoon to evening time. She did this 6 days out of the week, from Monday to Saturday for a month. Training was very intense and Lani adapted fast to the training. Lani lived an hour away and stayed at her sister’s house close by for the month before going back home. Lani continued to train at home and was eventually accepted into the Navy in the spring of May 2015.

Lani doing warm ups before training.
Lani doing dagger sprints.
Training session with Lani

“It was pretty impressive to see a 21 year old female do 20-30 reps of push-ups like it was nothing.” ~ Soane Etu

Marie L.

Marie trained from 2013 to 2018 and is one of Soane’s longest training clients. Training with Marie was always interesting and fun. Many ideas emerged while training with Marie that Soane still incorporates into his own training. Marie commuted 30-45 minutes driving to train. She would bring her son and nieces sometime and it made for enjoyable training sessions.

Maria with her niece Sarah, doing over head lunges.
Sarah doing roller abs.
Marie’s other niece Alessandra training.

Marie’s body type was unique and they experimented a lot with different training styles. One day they would be training on the track and the next day they would be running up hills.

Alessandra doing reversed pull-ups.

Training with Marie and her family, was the stepping stone in the right direction. ~ Soane Etu