Invest in your health, because your health is your wealth

Advance Your Health

Advance your health, condition and develop the body and enhance the mind and spirit through training.

PlanetSoane is a training idea that combines all the various types of fitness to help individuals achieve better overall health and develop a more healthy lifestyle that can be sustained. When most people start on fitness programs, they go back to their old ways because they haven’t fully established true change that starts at the core self. PlanetSoane training is designed to develop and encourage individuals to make the change they seek. Once you decide to make the choice to change, it will be like switching on DNA that has been dormant.

Joel doing TRX standing chest presses.
Joel doing push-ups.

Move Your Body

Your health is your wealth and getting outdoors training is a step in the right direction. There are many health benefits to training your body.

Kevin explains how his body feels during training.
Kevin doing lateral high knee runs up stairs.
Kevin doing pull-ups on a rail.

Exercise will enhance your stamina, endurance, muscular strength for everyday task, stronger bone density to reduce the chances of osteoporosis, mental clarity so your not stressed out, flexibility so you are mobile and a great overall well being.

Marie and Alessandra doing abs.
Marie and Alessandra do alternating planks.

Training your body and mind will ensure that your upright and in gear to start you day! ~ Soane Etu

Marie doing single leg lunge squats on the stadium bleachers.


Nutrition is also important for training and optimal health.

Boost your energy with mulberries!

Meditation, Flexibility and Recovery

The combination of exercise as will as stretching and meditation will help the body and mind recover. Making time to stretch and meditate is just as important as training.

Stretch the body!

Training Qualifications

To qualify to train, you have to pass a physical endurance test, strength test and written test. Even if you pass the qualification test, you still may not be able to train. A decision from the trainer will decide if a person is eligible to train.

Get Better Every Day!