Treat Your Body Like A Luxury Vehicle

What is better then a healthy body? ……Nothing”

Soane had an eye opening experience in 2013. His neighbor James had a stroke and Soane and his brothers began to caregiver for him. Soane took majority of the caregiving from late spring of 2013 tell his passing in the spring of 2016. During this time, Soane realized how valuable the human body is and the importance of treating it well. James stroke resulted in the partial paralyzation of his right arm and leg; he was able to slightly move his arm, leg, fingers and toes. He’s left handed so he was able to perform most task; from eating to using the bathroom. He needed help taking a shower, transportation to doctor appointments and grocery shopping, feeding his dogs and daily task/chores like cleaning and yard work landscaping.

Soane with his brothers and James

James and Soane did regular exercise routines every week too. James was a retired marine and his military background really showed in his personality. He was more on the extreme side. To get an idea of James personality, his whole house was electronically barbed wired at one point, he had two trained attack dogs, he had all types of weapons in his home including explosives, he always carried a gun with him everywhere we went and didn’t trust too many people. So imagine caregiving for a person with this type of personality. So During this time Soane began to question his entire life and recognized that your health is your wealth. Health isn’t just being physically fit, it includes being balanced emotionally and spiritually.

So How Can You Invest In Your Health?

Simple ways that you can invest in your health is to eat healthy the best you can. Moving the body and exercise is vital too. Going into a natural environment regularly is key too, to get tuned to the natural elements. Let go of anything that is going to effect your health and do things to improve your health and wellness. Meditation is pretty important, it well help center you body and mind. Setting time each day to this this will help improve your health and well being.

The Human Body Is A Delicate, But Strong Vehicle

The human body is a delicate but strong vehicle, the most important and only vehicle you actually own. The human body has more potential then we realize and even scientists are beginning to realize infinite power of the human form. To activate the power of the the human body, the key is to movement. Technology like smart phones, computers, tv, video games, social media do effect your health if over indulged. These things can be used in balance. Use technology to your advantage, but don’t be consumed by it.

Nutrition Is Very Important

The human body is 75-80 percent water, so drinking water a stay hydrated is excellent for the body. Eating plenty of fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, seeds, unprocessed grains is also healthy. Meats in small amounts are ok.

The Turning Point

Ok back to James. The turning point for James came during the last year of his life. Soane would bring his camera with him and film several videos at James house. James had all types of edibles plants in his backyard that included an apple tree, orange tree, lemon tree and prunes. He would let Soane take most of the fruit home with him. James was interested in videography and film. One day while grocery shopping in the store, Soane asked James if he wanted to film a video and James got excited and agreed. The video they filmed was about coconut oil and it gained over 160,000 veiws. Watch the video below

What Is The Best Coconut Oil To Buy?

James filmed the wide angle of Soane holding the coconut oil. You can see James on the left during the first few seconds of the video. James was surprised that the video was getting so much viewership. Soane and James decided to go back to the store and film another video. This video was going to be on kombucha. Upon preparing to film the video James said he was starting to feel tired and sleepy; so they didn’t film the video that day. James eventually passed away 3 days later. Soane’s dad helped to film the rest of the video.

What Lessons Can We Learn From This?

Important lessons that we can learn from this is to take care of your health. This includes exercise, eat healthy, meditation for a clear mental state and resting. Also to pursue your dreams and don’t wait tell the end of your life to do so.