Weight Loss 1 Lbs. At A Time

Why do peolpe find it challenging to lose weight? What are simple adjustments that can be made?

Eating Natural Foods

Eat as natural as you can. Make at least 95% of what you eat is natural.

Read Food Labels

Read food labels and research what the different types of ingredients does for the body. Certain ingredients take longer to digest or are just unhealthy for the body; especially if they are GMO bioengineered or artificial.

Food Ingredients Explained:

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How To Read Nutritional Food Labels:

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Drink Lots of Water

Drink plenty of water to circulate the nutrients in your body and expell waste out.

7 Tips For Improving Your Health

Have A Guidance Plan & Template

Have your overall plan, but allow tweaks in your plan for spontaneous inspiration. Sometimes those tiny inspirational ideas to change or add to your training is what you need. Having a plan will keep you on track if you feel discouraged.